Dr. Fady Jaawan Story

Dear Respected AmericaPhA,

My name is Fady Jaawan. I was born and raised in a small village located between Ramallah and Jerusalem in the West Bank. I am from a family of eight children. My background stems from family values of hard work, discipline, determination and perseverance. My character is shaped by the inspiration of my father, who at the age of 8, lost his hearing to meningitis. His loss did not stop him from working hard, accomplishing his goals and providing for his family. . Reliability and teamwork came at a young age through the responsibility of cultivating our land. Collecting olives with my siblings involved working together long hours in the early morning. It was a rigorous process that requires patience and perseverance. I have a great sense of what it takes to succeed because of the way I was raised and the environment I was brought up in. It was these values I took abroad with me when I left my home to pursue my dream. My medical journey began in St. Petersburg, Russia. In a country unknown to me, I walked down a path fraught with hardships and material sacrifices. I quickly learned the language, adjusted to the culture.

In 2009 I finished medical school in Russia and came back to Palestine, I finished one year of intensive internship and started a pediatric residency but did not finish and immigrated to the USA in December 2011 following what people call the American Dream ! Unfortunately till today’s date it is the American Night Mare.
During the previous 5 years I faced a lot of financial hardship, Health issues, and problems with the justice system ( Accused me of a crime that I was the victim of !!! and lost a lot of money to clear things out )! I was able to pass the three USMLE exams the first time ( still they don’t like my scores even though I studied Medicine in Russian Language and still think in Arabic Language ) I was able to pass the most difficult exams on earth while working full time jobs ( sometimes day and night ) and raising three kids ( my older daughter goes to preschool already ), I have a lot to write and I may need hours to explain how I feel after applying to residency and not matching after all of this hard work, Scarifies and alot of money paid.

A story to conclude last week after Friday pray I met a residency applicant who interviewed with me at the same day and he matched . I was talking to him when the Imam started calling for any person( specially a Doctor ) who can help a tired lady. I jumped to help without thinking while the other matched doctor walked away. I asked him why he walked away and He answered he didn’t want to deal with any problems. Are these the doctors residency programs are looking for? Matching, I have come to learn, is all about scores and who you know, instead of the character, compassionate, and experience of a person. I think the match process is unfair and is a disappointment to people who work really hard and try their best to defeat everything that comes their way .

Thank you

Fady Jaawan