Dr. Lubab Al Quraishi’s story

Hello my name is Lubab,  I am originally from Baghdad,  Iraq,  I was an assistant professor at Baghdad Medical College / Department of pathology,  I have a Bachelor degree in Medicine and surgery 1997 and the Iraqi board in surgical pathology which is higher than the doctorate degree,  I have 7 published researches in oncopathology.

I left Iraq on 2014 with my 2 daughters after the big mess that is created in Iraq when the US army invaded my country where unkown people attack me by a direct gun shoot on me while I was driving from Baghdad medical college going back home and I don’t believe that I am still alive.
So I decided to leave where I left my family,  my house,  my wonderful job,  where I was paid very well,  so I applied to the refugee program the IOM and get approved after they found that my life is in great danger.
So I entered USA as a legal refugee on March 19Th 2014 and my first station was Houston, Texas,  I volunteered a lot in many hospitals in order to find a chance in the medical field but after 8 months in USA the resettlement agency told me that there will be no more support and I have to find a job to pay my bills,  so I worked at Popeye chicken Louisiana as a cashier for 2 Yeats with $8.5 /hour then I find another job with $11/hour at a bakery,  I worked as a cake decorating for next 2 years then I moved to work at the CVS as a pharmacy tech with$12/hour.
I applied for the ECFMG and my application was rejected because my name was  written different in my documents than my passport :
Lubab Al Quraishi
Lubab Al Qureishi
So you can ntice the difference in the last name so I have to bring new documents from Baghdad,  so I contact my friends back there and I got new documents so I applied again and the ECFMG accept my papers on 2016so I start to study for step 1.
And kept my resume on carrier builder website, at the end of 2016 I got a job offer for a pathologist assistant in a hematology medical lab but in New jersey so I decided to move from Texas to new jersey and I started a job in my exact field of specialization.
And the doctors that I am working with now are so happy of me and they keep telling me that I have all the knowledge I just need the certificate but unfortunately I couldn’t pass the exam because I have to work to pay my bills and survive with my 2 kids.
Thank you