Katherine Miller CME certificates

I have been voluntarily involved in numerous online and onsite CME programs (Continuous Medical Education) since 2010. I would like to post all of my CME certificates over the years. There are many other programs that do not give certificates, but i still participate because very good information.

I believe it is CMEs that makes physicians fresh and updated, it is not USMLE scores as the residency programs rely on to mistreat USFMDs.

Medicine is a marathon; it is not and never a sprint! Medical education is a life-long process. I will never stop learning. That is the passion of my life.

USMLEs are not the only thing that proves a MD’s qualification.

I encourage all and each doctors, even we are now in a plagued situation and you are struggling too much to survive, but please spare a little time trying to keep you in the right track so when we can gain some independence in the licensing system as the Physician Associate License succeed, you can easier to return to medicine practicing via the six-month residency program our organization will design carefully and shrewdly.

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Katherine Miller