Fair Use claims – At-Use Permission Requests

This page is to dedicate to all and each of the authors of the articles, materials, charts, etc. we have been using to develop this website.

We have been diligently and carefully designing the website with critical information to educate the public and medical professionals about a serious issue our nation has been facing for the last six decades since 1950s.

There are articles, materials, charts, diagrams, etc. that are the products of copyrights and we are earnestly concerned about how to use these information properly and respectfully. We have been trying to contact authors of the materials to ask for permission to use on these websites. However, since there are many restraints and drawbacks in reality especially about the unknown limit of time of waiting for responses and unable to find out the original authors in some cases, it renders unrealistic and counter-productive to do all the traditional and individual permission request while trying to build and to publish the website in a timely manner.

We dedicate a separate page as of this page to thanks for all and each authors of any and all materials that appear now and in the future updates for this website in the purpose of education.

If any authors of any materials on this site have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will definitely try to resolve any issue you may bring to us about your copyright and ownership for your intellectual properties we decently and respectfully use here. As the same token, we are open and ready to request for permissions of use if the author contact us directly. But, we believe as for fair use purpose, we do not violate copyright infringement. We call this “At-Use Permission Request” which means if an author spots we use their materials, and if the authors do not grant us the fair-use purpose, please contact us for further resolution and please do not accuse us as intentionally violating infringement. We use these materials as for educational purpose mainly as you can see the website is all about.

To be fair and honest speaking, the fair use regulation can be a good cause for us to be able to use any material without the troubles trying to reach the authors for permission. So we claim here that all of our materials, articles, charts, diagrams, etc. are basically used base on Fair-Use purpose.

Fair Use is the use of copyright products for the purpose of education mainly.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.